January 3, 2013

Are You Getting Rid of That?

Are you moving or have some old items that you're selling or throwing away?
I might need them!

You see, we're having a baby and of course need baby things so we will gladly help you get your old stuff out of the way :)

Here's a list of what we're looking for. If you think you have something you're getting rid and would either like to donate or sell it to us, leave a comment below with a brief description and I'll email you directly about it.

**We're mainly looking for things in the Houston- Memorial/Galleria area since we don't have a big truck and can't afford to rent one to drive far away to pick something up.

What we're needing (items with an * are the ones we're mostly looking for):
  • Nursery 
    • Crib* (preferably white and simple - no frills)
    • Crib Mattress*
    • Rocking Chair* or some sort of comfy chair (for nursing late at night...)
    • Dresser* (preferably a wide, waist high dresser - you know the typical 6-drawer kind.  Also preferably simple in design)
    • Baby changing pad (for on top of the dresser)
    • Bookshelf (1 or 2)
    • Any old frames you may have that you are getting rid of (8x10 and bigger, preferably not plastic)
    • Baby hangers -you know the little ones (preferably white)
    • Baby girl clothes - accepting donations of any size :)
    • Diaper trash can (if you're getting rid of a good one - otherwise we'll just be getting one)
    • White crib sheets (the bedding and blankets I've got covered)
    • Any sort of infant/baby soothing toy/thing that you no longer need
    •  (i.e.bouncy seat or pack-n-play)
    • Stroller - Only if you're getting rid of it
    • Mobi-wrap or some sort of baby carrier similar  - Only if you're getting rid of it
  • House (in addition to everything above)
    • Bookcases (2)*
    • 16x20 frames that you're not using (again, preferably not plastic)
  • Misc
    • A good bike* you're not using/getting rid of - Where we are moving is too far for Garrett to walk to his client's office (he's there 6 months out of the year and has been walking), but too far to catch a bus, so he'd like to bike there. 
Again, if you have any of these items and you're not using them anymore please leave a comment below with a brief description and I will then email you directly and we can discuss price (if you're selling) and pick up.

Thank you so much!
    -Kimmy & Garrett