May 10, 2013

Kaylee Grace

Introducing Kaylee Grace!

Photos by Three Peas Photography

April 25, 2013

Parenting 101: Our First Question to You

**I know - epic fail on my part for not posting anything yet about the birth or photos of our little's coming, but just when I've actually gotten enough sleep and have time to do so. Thanks for understanding!

QUESTION: What are simple things we can incorporate into our little routine to help Kaylee start to differentiate between day feedings and night feedings?

So Kaylee is a champ. She eats great(well, now she does...that's another story) and sleeps all the time. We are very blessed. However, the past few days after her feedings at night she is wide awake. And it takes about 30-45 minutes for her to fall asleep. That's not so bad, but it means less sleep for all of us in between feedings. During the day she will fall asleep almost immediately after a feeding. Both day and night we have the same routine...wake her up gently, change diaper, try to wake her up a little more (stretching), feed her (I'm pumping and we bottle feed, so it takes about 15 minutes to actually feed her), burp her, hold her for a few minutes upright to prevent spit up, and then she's typically out by then - drowsy and we just put her down and she falls asleep on her own (gotta love the food coma!). But at night now she is just wide awake and it takes rocking her to get her drowsy again.

We'd love for her to be awake during the day and then sleepy at night, so again, any tips about little things we can do to make night and day different (besides bath time?)


April 5, 2013

I Suck at Blogging

I think everyone has a blog post somewhere in their history that starts out, "Okay, I realize that I don't blog very often." It just happens. We get caught up in life or we feel too much pressure to write the perfect post that nothing gets written. Me personally, I think that in order to blog I have to justify it with having actual events happen in my life. I have a very boring life. Thus, lack of blogging.

But I'm trying to redeem myself. I actually like writing - it helps me clear my head and organize my thoughts and so I'm going to try again to blog more regularly. Not about what is necessarily going on in my life, but more about the thoughts going on in my head. So sorry if you ever get bored (hey, you don't have to read this) or if you're offended by my opinions and thoughts (again, you don't have to read this). But thanks for, reading.

January 3, 2013

Are You Getting Rid of That?

Are you moving or have some old items that you're selling or throwing away?
I might need them!

You see, we're having a baby and of course need baby things so we will gladly help you get your old stuff out of the way :)

Here's a list of what we're looking for. If you think you have something you're getting rid and would either like to donate or sell it to us, leave a comment below with a brief description and I'll email you directly about it.

**We're mainly looking for things in the Houston- Memorial/Galleria area since we don't have a big truck and can't afford to rent one to drive far away to pick something up.

What we're needing (items with an * are the ones we're mostly looking for):
  • Nursery 
    • Crib* (preferably white and simple - no frills)
    • Crib Mattress*
    • Rocking Chair* or some sort of comfy chair (for nursing late at night...)
    • Dresser* (preferably a wide, waist high dresser - you know the typical 6-drawer kind.  Also preferably simple in design)
    • Baby changing pad (for on top of the dresser)
    • Bookshelf (1 or 2)
    • Any old frames you may have that you are getting rid of (8x10 and bigger, preferably not plastic)
    • Baby hangers -you know the little ones (preferably white)
    • Baby girl clothes - accepting donations of any size :)
    • Diaper trash can (if you're getting rid of a good one - otherwise we'll just be getting one)
    • White crib sheets (the bedding and blankets I've got covered)
    • Any sort of infant/baby soothing toy/thing that you no longer need
    •  (i.e.bouncy seat or pack-n-play)
    • Stroller - Only if you're getting rid of it
    • Mobi-wrap or some sort of baby carrier similar  - Only if you're getting rid of it
  • House (in addition to everything above)
    • Bookcases (2)*
    • 16x20 frames that you're not using (again, preferably not plastic)
  • Misc
    • A good bike* you're not using/getting rid of - Where we are moving is too far for Garrett to walk to his client's office (he's there 6 months out of the year and has been walking), but too far to catch a bus, so he'd like to bike there. 
Again, if you have any of these items and you're not using them anymore please leave a comment below with a brief description and I will then email you directly and we can discuss price (if you're selling) and pick up.

Thank you so much!
    -Kimmy & Garrett